>> > The installer for 8.1 will let you pick UNICODE encoding
>> during setup.
>> What if he uses initdb directly?
>Then it should be a simple "-E UNICODE", just as on unix.

Hello, I'm the guy that post this question on psql-es-ayuda.
Thanks to Alvaro for forward here.

I would like explain the question:

I can do initdb with '-E UTF8' or '-E UNICODE' on windows without problem.

But the --locale switch do not permit set to 'Spanish_Spain.UNICODE', 'Spanish_Spain.UTF8' or 'Spanish_Spain.65001'.

I put the locale to Spanish_Spain.1252 (Ansi encoding) and seem to work well with database encoding UTF8.

I'm not an encoding expert but i think that the database encoding and the right side of locale specification may be the same for a correct work.

Am i wrong, and -E UTF8 may cohabitate with locale windows ansi 1252 without 


Oswaldo Hernández

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