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> Ok, I talked with them now. They need the following information:
> - What type of hardware do we need? Is an Opteron enough? 
> Memory? Disk?

Depends what it was used for.

> - Do we need a private box, or is a VM enough?

As above.

> - What is the average traffic of our web servers?

Dunno, but not a huge figure - the network is heavily specc'ed towards
high availability and coping with a good /.ing. Individual servers tend
to be very lightly loaded.

> Bandwith is not cheap in Turkey, so they are inclined to put 
> that server
> somewhere outside Turkey. 
> They are ready to proceed, they just want to learn the details.

Well I think Robert is suggesting we setup a box with a bunch of VM's
running different OS's as buildfarm clients. I don't know how useful
that would be, but at the least, with VMWare (or Bochs if it's mature
enough now) and a Windows licence it could run nightly builds of Mingw
and Cygwin, and with just VMWare it could do Solaris x86, and an
assortment of Linuxes and *BSDs.

Regards, Dave.

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