> > > Suggest that we prevent write operations on Frozen tables by 
> > > revoking
> > all INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE rights held, then enforcing a check 
> > during GRANT to prevent them being re-enabled. Superusers would need

> > to check every time. If we dont do this, then we will have two 
> > contradictory states marked in the catalog - privilges saying Yes
> > freezing saying No.
> > 
> > No, I'd not mess with the permissions and return a different error 
> > when trying to modify a frozen table. (It would also be complicated
> > unfreeze after create database) We should make it clear, that
> > is no replacement for revoke.
> That was with a mind to performance. Checking every INSERT, 
> UPDATE and DELETE statement to see if they are being done 
> against a frozen table seems like a waste.

I'd think we would have relminxid in the relcache, so I don't buy the
performance argument :-) (You could still do the actual check in the
same place where the permission is checked)

> There would still be a specific error message for frozen 
> tables, just on the GRANT rather than the actual DML statements.

I'd still prefer to see the error on modify. Those that don't can


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