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Instead, I would like to humbly request the inclusion of a UUID
datatype (or an opaque 128 bit datatype) in the core package. It's
increasingly common and some databases (MS SQLServer) already have built
in support for it.
We have it. We're just not putting in the effort required to have it
included in core, as it's too much effort to convince people that the type
has value, that is is generic, and would be widely used without being
abused. All the geometric types that I'll never use in core, with few or
no uses, including functions to operate on these types, and no UUID
type... Hehe... To me, that's irony... :-)
Is it on pgfoundry? From past discussions, the new criteria for getting
something into core is to first determine if it is successful on

If http://lnk.nu/pgfoundry.org/a86.php is accurate, then no one has ever
downloaded it. But I find that exceptionally hard to believe...

Looking back through the list archives I think you'd find this comes up
at least every few months.

That's because there is nothing there to download. See instead: http://gborg.postgresql.org/project/pguuid/projdisplay.php

Personally I don't buy the misuse objection - we already have plenty of things that can be misused. As long as there is a reasonable valid use and we can make it portable enough, I think there is a good case for including it.



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