Hannu Krosing wrote:
> > > But we still have to think about similar cases (index entries pointing
> > > inside CITC chains), unless we plan to disallow adding indexes to
> > > tables.
> > 
> > CREATE INDEX has to undo any chains where the new indexed columns change
> > in the chain, and add index entries to remove the chain.
> Yes, that would be the most straightforward solution.
> It could be better in some cases, if we could avoid adding entries to
> other indexes. Maybe we can just reset some flags, so that some SITC ops
> like finding tuples by the CITC index pointer still work while adding
> new entries wont. 
> But it will be tricky to make this work for bitmap index scans. 
> So yes, index build is a slop operation anyway, so making it even a
> little slower is probably not a big problem. And most CITC chains will
> have only one visible row at a time, this will probably not be a big
> issue. 

Consider that index scans coming from different indexes have to span the
same SITC.  I see no clean way to avoid making all the indexes
consistent, and as you said, CREATE INDEX isn't a frequent operation.

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