Alvaro Herrera wrote:

Thanks, that is what was needed.  The author obviously took the patch as
far as he could, and we needed to adjust his XXX areas, rather than not
apply the patch and have the code drifting.

Hmm, is this how we should do things?  I mean, should I finish the
autovacuum parts of my relminxid patch, apply it, and then hope for
someone to fix the mistaeks?  And if we don't see any failure in the
buildfarm, assume that all is well?

To me this is really the easiest way, but I have a hard time convincing
myself that I want to have it easy but break things in a way that nobody
notices.  The other day when I typoed a commit to the 8.1 branch I was
all red in the face.  I wonder what will happen if someone points to me
or Greg as causing major breakage somewhere, just because the patch was
applied in a hurry without careful review.

I am guilty of a similar recent sin that Tom caught. But, like you, I am opposed to lessening the stability in the code base, which is something we should be proud of and guard carefully.



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