I need to build custom win32 binary package for PostgreSQL.

I've downloaded source for PGinstaller but found them hard to
understand - WiX toolkit and MSI is totally alien territory for me.

Things I need to modify:

1. Exclude all unneccessary extensions such as PostGIS
2. Add some other extension 
3. Add some environment variables to server process (as needed by
modified version of OpenSSL)
4. Enable openssl by default and create certificate signing request
during installation.

By quick examination of pginstaller sources I haven't found how it does
register postgresql as service. When I compile postgres from sources and
start it using pg_ctl, it starts as console process, and closing of
command line window where it have been started, kill it.

I know about separate tools to run arbitrary program as service, such as
one in Cygwin suite, but it seems that PGinstaller doesn't include such

Can anyone provide some hints how postgresql on Windows work and where
to dig to make custom installer?

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