Chris Mair wrote:

but it is about 2Gb of data, so just putting a dump cleaned of personal data somewhere isn't really an option.

I could arrange a dump without the diagnostics, in  these 2 tables:

system: < name | operating_system | os_version | compiler | compiler_version | architecture >
build: < name | snapshot | stage | branch | build_flags >

(stage in the latter table is OK on success or the name of the stage that failed otherwise).

But what do you want it for? And do you want it one-off or continuously?

Nothing important at all.
I'd just thought about a few interesting stats, like failures vs OS
(as the first poster said) or failures vs gcc version or timings vs.
arch / RAM or gcc version, etc. For the timings I guess there are
some timestamps embedded that might be extracted...

But I didn't really think about it, before posting (classic
mailing list syndrome ;)

We don't have any timing info.

For now this goes on the wishlist.



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