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> Please answer the below questions, and state whether your opinion is
> just an opinion, or whether you are stating it as a PostgreSQL
> maintainer and it is law. If you wish, you can rank preferences.

Do I have to pick only one? I'd choose firstly for:

1c) UUID, with only encode/decode/indexable - generic except for the
         name of the type, and the encoding format.
2a) In core first

And in addation to that:

1b) UUID, with only basic generation functions +
2b) In contrib first.

And maybe finally:

1a)  UUID, with all functions
2c)  In pgfoundry first.

IOW, I'm not so convinced that full UUID support should appear in core,
but I think a 16-byte type should be available in core, with basic UUID
functions in contrib and the full suite on pgfoundry.

But that's just my opinion ofcourse.

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