There are still 7.2 systems out there which need it. The problem is,
adddepend is broken when run against 8.1. It breaks on serial, I think.

And on some other stuff, too. I didn't document all the failures, I just tested and killed it.

Think is, 8.1 does a much better job of upgrading 7.2 datatabases than 7.3 or 7.4 did anyway. I just tested using a database created in 7.1 and upgraded to 7.2 which has a baroque and unnecessarily complex schema (legacy production applicaiton) which breaks on 7.4 without adddepends. I was able to upgrade it to 8.2(today) and it worked without adddepends.

I'm testing dump, load, dump, load now to see if it still works OK.


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