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> pluggable parameters for index.
> I think, we may 
> can add to pg_opclass's definition method/parameter name and create some API 
> (may be, index specific) to propagate parameter's to module's interface 
> functions to index.

How abount adding a new option hander to GiST/GIN support functions?

Presently, amoptions() are defined as
   bytea *amoptions (ArrayType *reloptions, bool validate).
If there is a support function like this form in operator classes,
we can propagate options. Eventually, calling sequence will be
  DefineIndex() -> amoptions() -> tsvectoroptions().

We also need to change gist/ginoptions() in order to determine what operator
class is used. This is a bit messy problem. Options are parsed before support
functions are initialized, so that I don't know in what form we should pass the
operator class to amoptions().

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NTT Open Source Software Center

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