> > I have the additional complaint that this doesn't actually 
> solve most 
> > of my original complaints and might reduce the pressure to 
> find a better solution.
> > The patches announcements themselves would still be basically 
> > invisible within the community.
> I'm with Greg on this one.  I felt his original complaint 
> made alot of sense and this doesn't really deal with it.  I'd 
> much rather see -patches go away or maybe become an alias to 
> -hackers.  If the patch is too big then perhaps either 
> compress it or provide a link to it when it's submitted.  If 
> hosting for patches is an issue then perhaps provide a way 
> for patches to be hosted on a PG server.  Honestly, I'd be 
> happy to put up any PG patches sent to me on a well connected 
> server.  I'm not sure how easy it'd be to automate that 
> though (and prevent spammers/etc), but perhaps people have 
> some suggestions?

There are list servers out there capable of simply ripping any
attachments to a message (possibly over a certain size) and stick it on
a website, replacing it with a link in the email. Is majordomo one of

If that was done, we could just have patches be sent to -hackers, and
get rid of -patches completely.


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