I intended to post this anyway as a followup to the conference session, but I have been spurred to do it nowby the Pl/J(ava) discussion.

I outlined a number of possible directions for buildfarm, and we had a good discussion.

Based on that, my current intention is to make provision for the following, and pretty much in this order:

. an optional pgbench run at the end of each buildfarm run, plus supporting web page to plot stats
. clean and release web code
. extra core/contrib/PL regression tests that come with the core distribution but are not done by make {check, installcheck} . extra core regression tests that are not in the core distribution (maybe download from pgfoundry) . support for non-core projects - initially for slony-1 (because they asked me about it ages ago).

In connection with the last item, Thomas asked me at the conference to consider a setup for PL/Java. If, as I suspect, we end up with something similar to the status quo, I will certainly do so, but it might be a while.

If anyone with some good perl skill wants to jump in and help they will be welcome.



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