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"Marc G. Fournier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Well NetBSD doesn't offer pl/java now so I'm not sure what point you are
trying to make.  Sure it would be nice if every OS provided every version of
every package, but when they don't what are you going to do about it? Provide
a complete package or require manual assembly?

Well, in the case of FreeBSD, I can easily volunteer that if someone
wanted to make a port of pl/java to include, I can commit it for them ...
I don't know how NetBSDs system works, but I suspect it is similar ... the
only reason 'NetBSD doesn't offer pl/java now' is because nobody a) is
using it under NetBSD or b) submitted a port to their system

And I can commit it to NetBSD if someone sends it to me.  I don't use
PL/Java myself so I can't test it but I can make sure that it
compiles and put it into our pkgsrc tree.  We have a build farm for
packages so I can confirm it for all the platforms we run on.

Agreed, FreeBSD has similar ... as soon as its in our ports system, it will be auto-built/packaged for each platform we support, which includes, but is not limited to, i386, AMD64 and Solaris ...

But Thomas, that means finding someone willing to do the work to build the port ... :)

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