I understand that we have an issue, with Slony-I, concerning the new
"standards_conforming_strings" option in 8.2.

Slony-I uses the "legacy" quoting conventions, which, such as it is,
is fine.

If a particular server is set to standards_conforming_strings=on, this
will presumably lead to certain bits of "breakage."

Is that a GUC variable that may be overridden in the fashion of
datestyles?  (e.g. - inside Slony-I, we set DateStyle = USE_ISO_DATES
in those places where it's needful)

Could that variable be escape_backslash?  (described in c.h...)

 * Support macros for escaping strings.  escape_backslash should be TRUE
  * if generating a non-standard-conforming string.  Prefixing a string
   * with ESCAPE_STRING_SYNTAX guarantees it is non-standard-conforming.
    * Beware of multiple evaluation of the "ch" argument!

e.g. - we might force non-standard-conforming via a code segment like...

     int Oldescape_backslash;
     Oldescape_backslash = escape_backslash;
     escape_backslash = TRUE;
     do some stuff...

     escape_backslash = Oldescape_backslash;
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