Tom Lane wrote:
> Kris Jurka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > The attached patch makes the tree build for me again after the recent 
> > include changes.  This patch still violates the postgres.h before all 
> > system headers rule and I'm still not sure what changed that broke 
> > everything, but if people need to get work done this may help.
> I think that Bruce thought that <math.h> defines INT_MAX and related
> symbols, whereas the spec is perfectly clear that they're in
> <limits.h>.  However, that's where they are on my machines, and yet CVS
> tip is not failing for me.  I'm not clear why not...  What platform
> are you using?

What happened is that an include file had #include <math.h>, but didn't
need it, so when it was removed, it had to be added to a few C files. 
Not sure why limit.h is involved though, but the include trimming does
sometimes have that affect because limit was used somewhere else.

This is why the cleaning isn't done for every release.

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