Lukas Smith wrote:
Lukas Smith wrote:
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Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:
whereas PostgreSQL is continuously complaing that
MySQL is inferior yet way more popular. Maybe MySQL's popularity is not
even PostgreSQL's goal, but I am sure a bit more would be welcome.

Does MySQL have a monolithic distribution?

Well obviously MySQL is missing alot of functionality that you will not get in any version of MySQL though.

However it comes with replication, fulltext indexes out of the box. They currently only have a single stored procedure language (partial SQL:2003 implementation).

Oh and they also ship a federated (AFAIK their dblink answer) along with several other storage engines for various specific tasks.

Since I appreantly like monologs .. MySQL also has other features that are not available via pgfoundery like being able to determine the default charset on the database, table and column level, as well as COLLATE support to determine the sort order at runtime.

Anyways what I want to make clear is simply that there are plenty of features that come with the default distro of other RDBMS that are only available via the pgfoundery. There are also plenty of features available in pgfoundry not available in any other RDBMS. However newbies that evaluate which RDBMS to use will probably never know.


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