src/interfaces/libpq/win32.c contains

/* Declared here to avoid pulling in all includes, which causes name 
collissions */ 
extern char *
libpq_gettext(const char *msgid)
#define libpq_gettext(x) (x)

Now, since it has nowhere bothered to #include pg_config.h, ENABLE_NLS
will certainly not be defined, and so this code always fails to invoke

This may not be real important since the file appears to use gettext
only here:

        if (!success)
                sprintf(strerrbuf, libpq_gettext("Unknown socket error 
(0x%08X/%i)"), err, err);

but it's still pretty bogus.

Without a Windows machine, I'm not in a position to try making this file
properly include postgres_fe.h, or at least c.h, but someone ought to
try harder.

                        regards, tom lane

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