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Tom Lane wrote:
Anyone have an opinion on the portability of the regular expression
functions defined in POSIX 1003.2,

Does Windows come with POSIX regex libs? I would be a bit surprised.

When we discussed this at the conference I suggested to Magnus that he not use regexes. When I did initdb I originally looked at using a regex library, and realised that we really wouldn't need them, and the tiny replacement routines I wrote would be sufficient.

+1 for B.
I think so too. I covered the logic of Slonik of Slony-I again.
It was just for Windows.

All we really need is something that can handle patterns including ".*",
because that's all that is used in the patterns in "resultmap".  That
should be doable (inefficiently, but who cares) in just a few lines of
code.  I'll go for Plan B for the moment.

It is the thing of several lines and being supported will be great, even if it is the limited object. Probably, result will be made equal on all platforms.:-)
Hiroshi Saito

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