On 7/14/06, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

[ problems with missing schema in dump ]

No, not one of these things can be blamed on pg_dump.

Ok, its not exactly bug but still a big annoyance that
instead dumping fully qualified names it juggles with
search path.  And I'm annoyed as a user looking at the dump:

* To see what schema the function/table/type is in, I need to
carefully look several pages back until there is schema change.

* I cannot copy-paste from dump.

* The function contents must still contain fully-qualified
names, so it cannot be said that the schema is not part of
function definition in some way.  Same goes for other objects.

* The name 'search_path' for picking storage is sick :)
I understand the backwards-compatibility angle, but the over-usage
in dumps makes it even more sick...


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