Marc G. Fournier wrote:

> 'k, so is the concensus here that I regenerate everything with the 'broken 
> msg seperator', and then revert to the unbroken one for new stuff?  its no 
> sweat, I just fear this is going to re-crop up sometime in the future if 
> we ever have to regenerate from the mbox files, as well have some in 
> 'broken format' and some in the 'unbroken', but renumbering *then* will 
> still affect everything ...

One idea is to keep the old archives using the broken separator, and
regenerate the good archives in some other directory, or with a
different prefix (say, instead of msg0234.php have it be named
mesg0234.php or msg0234.1.php, etc).  That way the old URLs would
continue to work, and there wouldn't be a problem if the archives need
to be regenerated in the future.

OTOH it would be good to have a collection of messages by Message-Id
which could be used as a permalink.  For example[EMAIL PROTECTED]

or something like that.

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