Katsuhiko Okano wrote:
> "Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>" wrote:
>> Katsuhiko Okano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> It does not solve, even if it increases the number of NUM_SUBTRANS_BUFFERS.
>>> The problem was only postponed.
>> Can you provide a reproducible test case for this?
> Seven machines are required in order to perform measurement.
> (DB*1,AP*2,CLient*4)
> Enough work load was not able to be given in two machines.
> (DB*1,{AP+CL}*1)
> It was not able to reappear to a multiplex run of pgbench 
> or a simple SELECT query.
> TPC-W of a work load tool used this time is a full scratch.
> Regrettably it cannot open to the public.
> If there is a work load tool of a free license, I would like to try.

FYI: there is a free tpc-w implementation done by Jan available at:


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