Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I've tracked down my problem with pgxs to in lib/pgxs/src.
> These lines seem to be the culprits:

> bindir := $(shell pg_config --bindir)
> datadir := $(shell pg_config --sharedir)
> sysconfdir := $(shell pg_config --sysconfdir)
> libdir := $(shell pg_config --libdir)
> pkglibdir := $(shell pg_config --pkglibdir)
> includedir := $(shell pg_config --includedir)
> pkgincludedir := $(shell pg_config --pkgincludedir)
> mandir := $(shell pg_config --mandir)
> docdir := $(shell pg_config --docdir)
> localedir := $(shell pg_config --localedir)

> I think it should be running $(pkglibdir)/bin/pg_config

Your reasoning is circular.  How are we to find out pkglibdir, if not
by asking pg_config?  (It's the wrong path anyway, since pkglibdir
isn't where pg_config lives...)

The documented behavior is that pgxs invokes whatever pg_config is in
your PATH.

                        regards, tom lane

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