I wrote:
> What I think happened here is that diff reported a difference and
> pg_regress misinterpreted the exit status as being a hard failure.
> Can someone check on whether it's possible to tell the difference
> between these cases with Windows diff ?

So the latest result shows that the return value from system() is
in fact "1":

     type_sanity          ... ok
     opr_sanity           ... ok
test geometry             ... diff command failed with status 1: "diff -w 
"./expected/geometry.out" "./results/geometry.out" >"./results/geometry.diff""
server stopped

What I am now wondering is why win32.h defines WIFEXITED and WEXITSTATUS
the way it does.  We have not previously been using those macros to test
the result of system() --- at least not in any exercised code path ---
and what I'm thinking is that they are flat out wrong.  At least for
testing system().  Are the results of GetExitCodeProcess() and pclose()
really defined differently?

                        regards, tom lane

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