This is how netezza and teradata do it and it works very well.

In each of their cases you can see a graphical representation of the plan with 
progress for each stage.

For the command line it would be great to just dump the current status, which 
would provide a snapshot of the explain analyze.

- Luke

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> We already have EXPLAIN ANALYZE. Perhaps the right way to do this is
> something that provides similar output. I could see something that
> looks like EXPLAIN for the parts that have not yet executed, something
> reasonable to show progress of the currently active part of the plan
> (current time, rows, loops), and EXPLAIN ANALYZE output for the parts
> which have been completed.

Now this is something that would really help testing a system, by
dynamically seeing the plans of queries which run too long. That
combined with the ability to see the values of bind parameters would be
a useful debug aid.


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