"Joachim Wieland" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I thought however that it would be nice to offer a kind of regression
> framework, that lets you easily parse command line options, create a temp
> environment (if desired), initialize the server with databases, roles,
> languages, start up the server, clean up everything afterwards and so on.

Given that pg_regress is now in C (and only a few minutes ago did I stop
entertaining the idea of reverting that patch ... man, the Windows port
was painful), the way this would need to work is to split it into a
library and main program.  Which isn't unreasonable if you feel like
doing the work.  I'd suggest that at that point, pg_regress is no longer
some random thingie under src/test/regress, but would need to be
promoted to have its own source directory, perhaps under src/bin.

Also, we've speculated endlessly about developing a more general testing
framework that could for instance support serious testing of concurrent
behavior.  Maybe here is a good place to start making that happen.

                        regards, tom lane

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