Thanks for your answer,

I have experience with postgres and I know perfectly that not a TOY.

But some concepts of real time system don’t based only in speed.


Real time databases  needs some other kinds of semantics and features that postgres don’t have.


Postgres don’t supports real time constrains semantics in transactions. In other hands the concurrent transactions don’t wok well based on priorities of task.

The program scheduler of transaction based on real time mechanism like system how RTAI, or RTlinux, and much more.

POstrgres need to be extending for real time databases.


I want to know, in a hypothetical server, how many transaction postgres support for a first approximation.


I found this data of MySQL and DB4o data bases but I can´t find any of Postgres.

A mite that postgres is slow, but I need some numbers, insertion speed, and update speed is the more important part?





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            This depends on your server capability and performance.. You can use PostgreSQL as real time database. It is real not a toy :-)


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Can any body talk me how many transactions make postgres in a second?

For example Inserts, Update, delete, etc.


I’m very interesting in this data, because I want to use postgres for a real time database for process control.


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