So I would like either some mention of the more useful/stable modules
in core docs or a way for contrib modules to become 'official' add-on
modules (like PL-s are).
This is actually an issue that goes way beyond pgcrypto. I think the
manual should formally mention both /contrib and as
someplace to get add-on features. An even better long-term solution
would be something akin to CPAN, but I'm not holding my breath for

The manual does talk about pgFoundry, especially in 8.2 (that was my patch ;)).

It talks about it in 8.1 as well but it is not as apparent.

Joshua D. Drake

Full merge into core would fix this also, but indeed there is not many
techical reasons for it.  (And editing pg_proc.h is PITA - I'd consider
it technical reason against it ;)


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