I see that pg_regress.c has the following (after I adjusted the #ifdef):

        * On Windows, it seems to be necessary to adjust PATH even in
        * this case.  (XXX really?  If so, what if installation has
        * been relocated?)
 #if defined(WIN32) || defined(CYGWIN)
       add_to_path("PATH", ';', libdir);

The "case" referred to is where we aren't using a temp install.

I'm pretty sure that the answer is that we don't need this. It should be the responsibility of the installer to set the path properly. In buildfarm we avoid this problem by copying the libpq dll to the installed path, which works since windows always looks for a dll in the directory of the loading executable:

   foreach my $dll (glob("$installdir/lib/*pq.dll"))
       copy("$dll", "$installdir/bin");

Then no path adjustment is necessary.



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