Bruce Momjian wrote:

> > Anyway, if you want psql to easily identify it, just return NOLOCK as
> > part of the command string returned:
> > 
> >     test=> create index i on test(x);
> Oh, psql needs to know before the command is sent?  How do we handle it
> now with CLUSTER?

We don't, which is exactly the problem.  If I'm not mistaken, currently
psql in autocommit off mode, CLUSTER doesn't start a transaction block,
which is arguably wrong because some forms of CLUSTER (single-table) are
able to work within a transaction.  But since not all of them are, then
we must act like they all were, because otherwise we would send spurious
error messages to the user.

> Whatever psql is trying to prevent doesn't seem to
> warrant mucking up the logical order of the CREATE INDEX command.

Personally I'm not sure if this is too serious an issue.

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