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Tom Lane wrote:
> SAKATA Tetsuo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> I'll be pleased if someone tell me the reason why
>> when a table is clustered the toast table is not reindexed.
> It's not obvious that those two things should be related.  You can
> reindex the toast table if you wish ...

I have some thoughts.

(1) If there are no significant reason why two things are related,
    we should reindex toast table while clustering.
    ( I searched PostgreSQL mailing list archive about this topic,
      only to fail finding significant discussion.)

(2) If some reasons exist and it is not appropriate to reindex toast table,
    we describe it in the PostgreSQL documentation.

(3) And then, giving some way to users that they create index(es)
    only on the toast table. Now, when we reindex the table after clustering it,
    we create all index(es) on the table that we cluster.
    So we create the same index(es) twice.

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