I am looking for assistance in extending the buildfarm web app in two directions that need expertise that I lack.

First, I want to build a search engine for the log files. I recently started storing these in a table, one row per log file, rather than as a single gzipped tar blob per run. This will cost some in storage (sorry, Joshua - it should be compressed anyway) but it should make display faster, and it also gives us the opportunity to build a search engine on the text. I am looking for someone who is familiar with building tsearch2-based web search engines, plus perl DBI and Template Toolkit to help me build this.

Second, when we start getting pgbench results we will want them nicely plotted, so I am looking for someone who is adept at using dynamic graphing tools (GD? ) as well as (again) perl DBI and Template Toolkit) to help with this piece.

If you have these skills and are willing to help, please email me.



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