Ühel kenal päeval, T, 2006-07-25 kell 10:51, kirjutas Bruce Momjian:
> Where are we on these TODO items:

>           o Add reporting of the current WAL file, perhaps as part of
>             partial log file archiving

It would be nice to have a function that tells both filename and offset
of current WAL file, so it would be possible to do live async streaming
of up-to-subsecond changes without too much overhead.

This could be used to solve all the above problems with some extra work
on side of WAL-shipping framework.

Marko Kreen thought he might also do some work on such a function, but
he is on a vacation, so I'm not sure he will be able to get it done by
feature freeze.

It would be extra nice if postgres would nudge some external process on
each WAL write via a signal or UDP packet (after write and before flush)
so there would be virtually no delay between WAL write and notification,
but just the function would also go a long way.

> Seems they should be completed for 8.2.  I have only a /contrib version for
> the last one.

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