> Ultimately, I really think we need something akin to CPAN so that we
> don't have to bundle all kinds of stuff in the core package. In the
> meantime, adding PLs that we can is better than not, but we do need to
> be mindful of the impression it might leave on users. A page that lists
> the status of all PLs (specifically why they're not included if they're
> not) would be a good thing to have.

I as a user think that there should be a clear distinction of what is a
supported extension, and what is an unsupported extension .

With >100 projects on pgfoundry, 150 or so on gborg, it is hard to tell
which ones one can trust, and not everybody wants to beta-test on their
production data (especially for things that touch the core engine directly).
Maybe there should be a set of requirements fulfilling of which could get a
project a special 'blessing' from the Postgresql community?

Marcin Mank

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