On Sun, Jul 23, 2006 at 11:52:14PM -0400, Bort, Paul wrote:
> -hackers,
> With help from Andrew Dunstan, I'm adding the ability to do a pgbench
> run after all of the other tests during a buildfarm run. 
> Andrew said I should solicit opinions as to what parameters to use. A
> cursory search through the archives led me to pick a scaling factor of
> 10, 5 users, and 100 transactions. All of these will be adjustable using
> the build-farm.conf mechanism already in place. 

Why is it being hard-coded? I think it makes a lot more sense to allow
pg_bench options to be specified in the buildfarm config. Even better
yet would be specifying them on the command line, which would allow
members to run a more rigorous test once a day/week (I'm thinking one
that might take 30 minutes, which could well ferret out some issues that
a simple 5 minute test won't).
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