Jim C. Nasby wrote:
> Today Pervasive announced that it is stepping away from PostgreSQL
> support and services. There's an open letter to the community at
> http://pervasivepostgresql.com with more info, so I won't really go
> into that. There are a few things I wanted to mention, though.
> First, I'm now officially looking for work. :) So is Larry.
> Second, Pervasive is keeping me employed until the end of August, so
> I'll continue posting from this email address and using this signature
> until then.
> While it's disappointing to me that Pervasive couldn't find a
> PostgreSQL strategy that worked for them it's certainly not a
> reflection of the technology. Even so, it's been a pleasure working
> here for the past year.
> Pervasive does have a bunch of stuff it plans to contribute to the
> community (such as our knowledge base, and the directory), and we'll
> be talking with Josh Berkus about that.

I'd like to echo Jim's sentiment.  The last 9 months here have been
great, and 
the community is still as wonderful as ever. 

I hope I've been a positive asset to both Pervasive and the community
and IRC). 
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