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I'm fairly dissatisfied with the naming of Greg Stark's proposed new
feature for creating indexes without blocking writers of the table.
To my mind, "ONLINE" just doesn't convey any useful information ---
the existing CREATE INDEX functionality could already be said to be
"online", in the sense that you don't have to take down the database
to do it.  I thought about "SHARED" but someone could probably raise
the same objection to it.  Anyone have a better idea?

I know Oracle calls this "online" index builds. In fact it works similarly
with a single keyword "online" tacked on near the end of the create index

Anyone know what MSSQL or DB2 call it?

Fwiw a few data points:

MSSQL uses (WITH ONLINE=ON) much like we and Oracle use ONLINE tacked on to the
end of the create index command.

The DB2 handbook says "Tables can now be reorganized online with almost full
acess to the table allowed" but their syntax does not use the word "online".
They actually support three modes:


I'm not sure where that leaves us. The word "online" seems deeply ingrained in
the database vocabulary for this feature but there's a certain amount of
SQLishness in the DB2 syntax too.

DB2 also supports some other nice options like interrupting an index build and
then resuming it later. If there's demand that seems like something we would be able to support too. The same infrastructure might be useful for suspending and
resuming vacuums on large tables too.

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