Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I am sure you worked hard on this, but I don't see the use case, nor
> > have I heard people in the community requesting such functionality. 
> > Perhaps pgfoundry would be a better place for this.
> The part of this that would actually be useful to put in core is
> maintaining a 64-bit XID counter, ie, keep an additional counter that
> bumps every time XID wraps around.  This cannot be done very well from
> outside core but it would be nearly trivial, and nearly free, to add
> inside.  Everything else in the patch could be done just as well as an
> extension datatype.
> (I wouldn't do it like this though --- TransactionIdAdvance itself is
> the place to bump the secondary counter.)


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