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> On 7/26/06, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I'm not sure it should be making any attempt to translate anything.
>> What makes you think the oids even refer to the current database?

> I'm getting a new database connection based on the dbNode of the current
> xlog record. And I expect that the user informed a connection to the backend
> that originated the xlog files. Is this not going to work?

No.  I for one need this thing to analyze WAL dumps from databases
I don't even have access to, let alone have up-and-running locally.
It's really not going to be acceptable for the program to fail if it
can't have access to a database matching what it sees in the log.
The dropped-relation problem is just the first manifestation you happen
to have run into of why that's an unacceptable restriction, but there
are other reasons.

Agree, but this is only an option, and not even the default behavior.
So the program could still be used to analyze logs without access to the database.
But if you do have access to the cluster it might be useful to translate names if you are looking for some specific operation in order to recover a previous database state.
And if it isn't what other functionality would be good to help users determining a target xid for recovery?

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