""jkzhao"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote
>     But, create user "HU" then connect PostgreSQL by HU is wrong.

If you do

    postgres=# create user "HU";

You will get the "HU" as you want. Usage of the quotation marks is in the

> I'd like to know whether I can make PostgreSQL stands to the SQL92
> standard by changing some PostgreSQL's code?

Just cite Tom's post:

    The difference between what PG does and what the spec says can only be
    observed when you sometimes double-quote a particular identifier and
    sometimes don't.  PG makes FOO, Foo, foo and "foo" the same, but
    different from "FOO" or "Foo"; while the spec would have FOO, Foo, foo
    and "FOO" the same but different from "foo" or "Foo".

PostgreSQL is almost there and most of the problem is on the client side.


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