Phil Frost wrote:
> What two things are there?

Well, the subject says "lastval exposes information that currval does 
not" while you are talking about schema permissions.  I still don't 
know what you're really after.  One of your posts stated that you have 
repeatedly demonstrated ways to overcome some restriction, but there is 
actually only one post that contains some SQL that seems to deal with 

> I think I've already proposed a solution: 
> do the schema usage check at the same time as all the other
> permission checks.

This is an oversimplification, because the permission checks are all 
done at different times.

> Alternately, document the behavior accurately. 
> I've proposed text here too, but the revisions keep missing the
> point. What needs clarification?

I have interpreted your proposed revision as cynical, not as a serious 

Peter Eisentraut

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