I am uncomfortable with the fact that the ordering is different on different architectures. AFAIK, all I did was port the ordering function from V0 to V1.

Short of me continually submitting patches until I fix it, is there an easier way, or some pointers as to what I should be looking for in the code?

The function in question, I believe, is cube_cmp_v0().


Andrew Dunstan wrote:
I wrote:

I have applied this and made an attempt to fix cube/expected/cube_1.out - we will still need to keep an eye on the various cube tests.

It looks like with the current tests we will need at least one more possible results file (gazelle and asp on buildfarm agree about negative zero but disagree about ordering, so we would need to handle both variants which were previously handed in just cube_1.out). That would make four for this little module. Is it just me or does that seem excessive? Can we possibly simplify things a bit?



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