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> However. I continued my instruction and follows without working to me.   
> Exists the way to invoke psql that is not of interactive way so that It
> alters password of a user with no need to be in psql? 
> With the commando psql - S “ALTER USER…” it continues saying to me that that
> data base does not exist, still modified the file pgpass.conf.  If you know
> some way in that this can be done, would be thankful to you immensely. 

Well, if the message is that the database doesn't exist, you certainly
can't fix that by putting anything in pgpass.conf.  I guess you should
be trying to connect to a database that does exist.

May I suggest you join the pgsql-es-ayuda list -- maybe you'll find it
easier to pose your questions in spanish instead.  (They are quite
offtopic for pgsql-hackers anyway.)  If you do, make sure you repost
your question with additional details, like a cut'n pasted extract of
psql going wrong, with the exact error message.

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