I wrote:
> Michael Glaesemann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Just to confirm, it does look like there's a discrepancy between what  
>> is in the documentation and the actual behavior of the server. The  
>> documentation indicates that SJIS is a valid server encoding:

> This is a documentation error --- SJIS is certainly not a valid server
> encoding (it's not 8-bit-safe).  Will fix --- thanks for pointing it out.

Actually, table 21-2 does say that SJIS isn't supported as a server
encoding, but the text at the top of the page (before table 21-1) is
pretty misleading --- it implies that every character set we have
is allowed as a server-side encoding.  I'm going to change that text,
and also add a column to table 21-1 marking the supported server

                        regards, tom lane

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