Seems you completed most of the PITR items.  That will make great
additions for 8.2.


Simon Riggs wrote:
> The restartableRecovery patch introduces the concept of standby_mode,
> where you define in the recovery.conf file that this server is acting as
> a log-shipping target. We can extend that concept to a few other useful
> places.
> We've discussed a number of times that we can use a script that waits
> indefinitely for a log file. On reflection, it seems fairly trivial to
> put this directly into the backend. I've got a number of possible
> designs:
> 1. standby_mode tests to see if restore_command fails, if so it will
> test for a notification_file then loops back round for the
> restore_command again. When a failover occurs the failure-sensing
> mechanism writes the notification file and we bring up the standby.
> 2. standby_timeout - potentially usable in conjunction with
> archive_timeout. The standby server loops while waiting for the
> restore_command to work until it gets to standby_timeout seconds, then
> automatically comes up in standby mode. Sounds great, but possibly
> slightly less useful since there's no explicit instruction to perform
> failover.
> Both of those are very easy to implement, now that I've seen how, and
> would augment the other functionality recently delivered for 8.2.
> What does the panel think? Take the red pill, or stick with blue?
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