moises wrote:

I’m new in postgres SQL and I have some questions about the space where postgres process run.

1-Can any body say me what libs use postgres for make system calls, for example LIBC?

2-Can any body talk me if some postgres process can run in Linux kernel space?

3- Some body knows if exist some projects that ports postgres process on Linux kernel space.
I was read some source code of postgres, like,

Postgres.C and others…

I was found C instructions like Printf, that’s prohibitive for Linux kernel applications, for example in kernel mode we use printk.

I suppose that postgres are ported in a user space only. I’m Ok?


You can do it (e.g. but why would you want to? PG runs fine in userspace and I can see no particular benefit to being in the kernel.

What exactly are you trying to do with it? Are you trying to interface PG with some kernel facility?


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