Tom Lane wrote:
> Ron Mayer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Would people be interested in a trivial patch that adds O_NOATIME
>> to open() for platforms that support it?  (apparently Linux 2.6.8
>> and better).
> Isn't that usually, and more portably, handled in the filesystem
> mount options?

Yes to both.  I could imagine that for small systems/workstations
you might have some files that want access time, and others that
wanted NOATIME -- it seems the new flag lets you choose on a
file-by-file bases.

That's why I asked.  I imagine it won't help on any well-administered
production server since they'd probably mount the whole filesystem
that way; but might help a bit on out-of-the-box-default-config
benchmarks done by naive users who don't tweak filesystem settings.

Don't know if we'd care about such an audience or not.

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