On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 05:37:21PM -0700, elein wrote:
> I can think of histograms as a data type which may take more than one 
> argument,
> maybe even an array for boundary information.  I think the direction *in the
> long term* should be to allow multiple arguments (as a ROW type?) and other
> base or complex types as arguments.  The value would be a type itself and
> the datatype must do the right thing regarding it.  This may not be practical
> for short-term, but would open up initialization parameters for user-defined
> typed.

Two problems:

1. The storage of the type cannot be affected by the typmod, because
you're not going to always have it available.
2. It's got to be a single integer (int4 I think)

So histograms would have to store the bounds some other way anyway...

I think multiple arguments would be cool but we have to keep in mind
the limitations of typmod.

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