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Huh?  Why'd you remove it?  I can't imagine it makes things
significantly simpler to omit that case, and even if you can't
think of uses for it, I can (taking jobs from a to-do queue for

It can be added back.  Dequeing is a good use-case idea though :)

BTW, it occurs to me to wonder whether we've picked a good choice
of syntax.  I don't remember where the suggestion to use "RETURNING"
came from (did we borrow it from another DBMS?).

Oracle.  DB2 uses something similar to SELECT * FROM (UPDATE tbl SET ... );

But AFAICS this syntax will require the introducing keyword to be a fully 
word, and since RETURNING is not listed as a reserved word in the
SQL spec, reserving it is arguably a spec violation.


The simplest alternative that comes to mind is to use RETURNS instead
I don't have a strong feeling either way, but now is the time to

I don't care either way, RETURNS is fine I guess.

OK, but we need a final version soon.

Sure thing.

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