Constantin Teodorescu wrote:

EXPLAIN VARIANTS SELECT ...... (and so on) that will display the different query plans analyzed by the planner and their "estimated time values" , not just the "best guess" .

assuming that the EXPLAIN VARIANTS will show 3 or 4 different query plans, the database manager will be able to experiment, to test, and to decide by himself what is "THE BEST PLAN FOR ME", instead of letting postgresql planner to to that. Doing this, we would be able to clearly specify then in the SELECT statement the "version" of the query-plan that would be used in execution like in the following example:

SELECT .... (very big and complex query) ... USING PLAN 3;

I think something like what Sybase has would be better. A friend told me that in Sybase you can dump a query plan into a meta structure you can handtweak (leaving out non relevant aspects) and force the usage of that handtweaked query plan, where the missing pieces are filled in at run time. It might still be helpful to get a dump of alternative query plans via EXPLAIN to get started.

I guess generally the idea must be to improve the planner to not even need things like this, but it seems like a very useful fallback for the time between finding a planner limitation and getting the improvement into production.

An alternative approach that is already possible today is to handtweak the table stats in order to generate a stable query plan. But this seems like a very indirect way to get something you explicitly know you want.


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